Jenkins Twins Show Support for Kentucky Wildcats With Clever Tune

College basketball is religion in Kentucky, and these twins bring us a little bit of their own gospel.

There's no doubt the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team have their own quasi-religious following from November to April, and the Jenkins Twins showed their own brand of support with this brilliant "Kentucky Wildcats Song."

From calling out opposing big-time program coaches like Bill Self, Roy Williams, and the ever-hated maestro of in-state rival Louisville, Rick Pitino, the twins take no prisoners, while also singing the praises of many of the uber-talented players on a roster which could end up providing one of the most special seasons in college basketball history before it's all said and done.

If the Kentucky Wildcats do indeed go undefeated for the 2014-15 season and take home another National Championship trophy, someone should send the Jenkins Twins a little token of appreciation.

They've earned it.

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