Jelly Belly's Holiday Favorites Collection Include Our Favorite Holiday Desserts

I am living for these Jelly Belly Holiday Favorites flavors! Thank you Jelly Belly for satisfying our holiday treat cravings with Christmas candy. The Jelly Belly holiday flavors include egg nog, candy cane, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and hot chocolate. Two of those flavors are definitely some sweets I'm already missing from Thanksgiving dinner!

Of course, nothing beats a fresh pumpkin pie, but these Jelly Belly Jelly Beans will surely hold you over until your next holiday gathering. These holiday-inspired flavors basically scream happy holidays. I'm not sure if you'll find these in stock year-round at your local grocery store, but they're available on Amazon.

Jelly Belly Holiday Favorites Jelly Beans 7.5 oz

Jelly Belly's holiday candy makes a perfect stocking stuffer or budget-friendly holiday gift for candy lovers. Jelly Belly Candy has amazing customer reviews on their Holiday Favorites Jelly Beans. Some even wish they were available longer! These may be seasonal treats, so get yours before the holidays are over.

The candy cane flavor must taste like peppermint. I'm very interested to see if the cranberry sauce flavor will be a favorite of mine. I refuse to eat dressing without a slice of cranberry sauce. I bet pumpkin pie and hot chocolate are two of the best flavors in this pack. The holiday season is almost over, so pack on those remaining pumpkin pounds before we're working on our spring break bodies, y'all!

As for the egg nog flavor, I bet these Jelly Beans burst with nutmeg and vanilla flavoring. Once you try these, you'll add Jelly Belly Holiday Favorites to your list of holiday treats you'll miss in January. I know, kind of sad, but it's another holiday candy you get to look forward to each holiday season.

Be sure to also check out Jelly Belly's candy canes! You'll love taking them off the tree to snack on once the holidays have ended.

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