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17 Classic Jello Pudding Recipes That Are a Snap To Put Together

If you've got a box of instant pudding in your kitchen cabinet, you're well on your way to dessert. Using pudding in dessert recipes is a good way to add flavor and texture, whether your pudding dessert is a no-bake pie, poke cake or cookies. We've rounded up a whole list of Jello pudding recipes that are easy to make and taste so good. These dessert recipes will have you stocking up on boxes of instant pudding just so you can have the perfect yummy treat any time.

What I love about these recipes is that they are quick to make and in some of them you won't even guess a box of pudding mix is the secret ingredient!

Chocolate Jell-o Instant Pudding & Pie Filling

Jell-o pudding mixes have a long shelf life, making this product great to stock up when a sale arises. While you can prepare the pudding according to the package, sometimes you want something a little different. That's where these dessert recipes come in! Experiment with a few different flavors and have fun. What about mixing pistachio pudding into your chocolate chip cookie dough? There's no limit on what you can make with Jell-o pudding mix.

17 Classic Jello Pudding Recipes

1. No-Bake Chocolate Dessert

Instant chocolate pudding mix in an Oreo crust makes for a super easy and fast no-bake dessert. Top it with Cool Whip and chocolate shavings for an extra-fancy pie. This easy recipe almost tastes like fancy chocolate mousse!

Get the recipe here from What's In the Pan.

2. The Best Pudding Cookies Recipe

Obsessed with finding the perfect soft and gooey chocolate chip cookie? Here you go. Using instant vanilla pudding mix turns this cookie into a chewy chocolate chip dream.

Get the recipe here from Crazy for Crust.

3. Raspberry Vanilla Jello Salad

Mix raspberries with vanilla pudding, vanilla yogurt and Cool Whip for a smooth, cool treat.

Get the recipe here from Butter with a Side of Bread.

4. Raspberry Cheesecake Pudding Pie

Another no-bake favorite, these layers of cheesecake pudding, raspberry and whipped topping are cool and creamy layered in a graham cracker crust. You don't have to top this easy dessert with chocolate syrup, but you definitely should.

Get the recipe here from Flour on My Face.

5. Triple Layer Pumpkin Spice Pudding Pie

There's a reason we like pumpkin spice everything. This no-bake cream pie tastes like fall; don't forget to top it with chopped pecans.

Get the recipe here from Together as Family.

6. Jello Pudding Easy Fudge

If you want fudge, but don't have any chocolate on hand, you need to know this recipe. A box of chocolate pudding takes the place of chocolate or cocoa, and you get easy, delicious fudge in no time flat.

Get the recipe here from CD Kitchen.

7. Easy Vanilla Chocolate Pudding Pops

Homemade pudding pops are the best and they're so easy to make. This recipe uses a swirl of vanilla and chocolate pudding, but you can mix your choices of flavors. All you need is some cold milk, a large bowl, and popsicle molds.

Get the recipe here from Meatloaf and Melodrama.

8. Cookies and Cream Pudding Shots

This recipe is the pudding version of jello shots, with vodka and white chocolate liqueur and cookies and cream pudding. Fun and tasty.

Get the recipe here from Tablespoon.

9. Peanut Butter Pudding Pie

This no-bake pie uses vanilla instant pudding and creamy peanut butter (and if you decided to top it with chocolate shavings, we're cool with that, too).

Get the recipe here from Tastes of Lizzy T.

10. Blue Ribbon Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is the perfect weeknight dessert. Creamy vanilla pudding, fresh bananas, and vanilla wafers all sound simple, but together they're an amazing combo.

Get the recipe here from Family Fresh Meals.

11. Oreo Dirt Pudding Parfaits

You can make this parfait as one big dessert, but the little individual cups are perfect for parties.

Get the recipe here from Kylee Cooks.

12. Lemon Burst Poke Cake

Poke cakes are so good, with a layer of lemon pudding soaking into the warm cake. This lemon version is topped with a bright, citrus-flavored cream cheese frosting and it tastes like summer in a cake pan.

Get the recipe here from Melissa's Southern Kitchen.

13. Butterscotch Pudding Blondies

The butterscotch Jello pudding mix in this recipe turns these blondies into soft, chewy delights.

Get the recipe here from Jeanie and Lulu's Kitchen.

14. Salted Caramel Pudding Cookies

Salted caramel cookies are made even better by using caramel pudding mix. Try these cookies warm, or maybe even topped with some salted caramel ice cream.

Get the recipe here from Beyond Frosting.

15. Vanilla Pudding Party Cupcakes

Vanilla pudding mix makes these cupcakes anything but boring. Add sprinkles to the batter and the frosting to bring the fun to any party.

Get the recipe here from The Baker Mama.

16. Brownie Pudding Pie

A layer of brownie topped with a layer or chocolate pudding topped with a layer of whipped cream? Yes, please.

Get the recipe here from Miss in the Kitchen.

17. Cherry White Chocolate Pudding Cookies

This recipe calls for cherry jello, white chocolate pudding and white chocolate chips make for pretty-in-pink cookies.

Get the recipe here from Chocolate, Chocolate and More.

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