Jeff Bridges Talks Playing a Texas Ranger in Upcoming Film, ‘Hell or High Water’

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Jeff Bridges recently chatted with USA Today about his current role in heist thriller, Hell or High Water. The CBS film will star Bridges as a Texas ranger taking on two bank robbing brother.

Bridges expresses his appreciation for Texas Rangers, saying, “These guys are like a dog on a sock. They just don’t give up — they are on it.”

The movie started filming a year ago in in Clovis, New Mexico and also stars Chris Pine and Ben Foster. Foster and Pine play the brothers who take to bank-robbing to try to save their family farm.

Bridges got help with his role from “one of the greatest Texas Rangers ever,” Joaquin Jackson. Although Jackson retired in 1993, he is still seen as an icon by many modern day Texas Rangers. Jackson used his experience as a lawman to help Bridges get into the mindset of a Texas lawman on the set of the film. “Getting Joaquin’s stamp of approval was the most meaningful thing to me,” Bridges shares.

Also essential to getting into the role was the costuming. “You put the clothes on, you’re looking in the mirror before you go out for your day, and the character comes into you,” Bridges explains. “The appearance is very important.” Bridges did get to take a keepsake from his costume — his ranger star which is now proudly displayed in his home.

Hell or High Water is directed by David Mackenzie and will be premiered at Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off May 11. The film will have a limited release on August 12, then will arrive in theaters internationally on August 26.

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Jeff Bridges Talks Playing a Texas Ranger in Upcoming Film, ‘Hell or High Water’