Jeb Bush Says He Likes Florida Georgia Line, Suspends Campaign Two Days Later

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

When it comes to running for president, folks will say whatever they can in hopes of capturing the voters they’re after. Right before the Republican South Carolina primaries, Jeb Bush must’ve thought that meant saying he’s a fan of Florida Georgia Line.

At a Feb. 18 Republican Town Hall debate hosted by CNN, the candidates were asked about their musical inclinations. Bush said he liked country music, including “that Florida Georgia band.”

Not surprisingly, only two days later Bush finished 4th in the South Carolina primary with only 7.8% of the votes — a result that caused him to call it quits. Could it be because he cited one of country’s most polarizing duos as a musical favorite (without actually getting the name right)? Probably not, but it’s funny to think so.

To be fair to Bush, he was governor of that Florida place for a while, and he also correctly cited Zac Brown Band as another of his country favorites. But if Bush wanted to win favor with the Republican country fans in South Carolina, he may have been better off dropping the names of South Carolina natives, like Darius Rucker, Lee Brice or Josh Turner.

Of course, Turner was clearly pulling for Mike Huckabee, who joined him on stage to play bass last month in Iowa — before also performing poorly and dropping out of the presidential race.

Other candidates still in the running have expressed their interest in country music, too. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has always been a fan of Loretta Lynn, while Ohio governor John Kasich said he turned to country music after September 11th, and Bernie Sanders even released his own folk album in 1987.

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Jeb Bush Says He Likes Florida Georgia Line, Suspends Campaign Two Days Later