Jason Isbell Talks Politics, Songwriting and 'Cancer Jams' on the Daily Show

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This week, Jason Isbell headed to The Daily Show With Trevor Noah to chat about the themes of his brand new album, The Nashville Sound.

As usual, he brought plenty of humor and honesty to the late night conversation. Much like his previous releases, The Nashville Sound tackles a plethora of emotional issues and events. His cut "White Man's World" was penned the day after President Trump was elected and was inspired by

"She'll figure it out as she grows up, but if she was a couple of years older I would have to be like, 'OK, honey here's what happened today and this is why your father doesn't really know anything about human people in this country anymore," Isbell told Noah.

Watch a segment from the interview below.

Isbell is aware of how emotionally charged his music can be. He's excited for his project to be heard by the masses. But he also hopes fans know when to turn it up and when to opt for something a little different.

"I've got songs about cancer and shit," he said, referring to his song "Elephant" from 2013's Southeastern. "If you're driving to the Iron Bowl in beautiful Alabama, you're not gonna put on a cancer jam on the way to the football game."

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The Nashville Sound, produced by Nashville heavyweight Dave Cobb, is available now. Isbell will be out on the road through the end of November. You can find a full list of his upcoming tour dates here.

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Jason Isbell Talks Politics, Songwriting and 'Cancer Jams' on the Daily Show