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Jason Eady to Release New Record 'I Travel On'

On August 10, Mississippian turned Texan Jason Eady will release his seventh record, I Travel On. Following up his highly praised 2017 self-titled album, Eady's new record promises to be more groove-centric and will leave fans with their toes tapping and heads nodding.

I Travel On was written in the surprisingly short time span of one month. "Normally I take my pick of the songs I've come up with since the last album, but this time I was writing specifically for this record," Eady stated. "And because the album's so groove-centered, I focused on the way words rolled off the tongue and how they moved with the music. If something felt good to sing, I just let it be instead of going back and editing myself like I might've done in the past."

In fact, editing was the last thing on Eady's mind while recording I Travel On. He chose to capture each song in one take with the help of his touring band, his wife Courtney Patton and Grammy-nominated musicians Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley. "The whole process was magic," Eady said.

Fans can hear the magic live this summer as Eady tours promoting the new record. His tour already began in late May and will continue through mid-September when he concludes in Galveston on the Texas Country Music Cruise.

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