Jason Aldean Comments on Women in Country Music, Thinks They Sound the Same

Jason Aldean has made a name for himself for releasing consistently great music.

He has also been lucky enough to be an artist at a time when others still struggle to break into mainstream country. Maybe that privilege can account for this painful quote, taken from a recent interview with the Washington Post.

“I feel like a lot of times female singers, to me, when they’re singing – and I’ll probably kick myself for saying this – a lot of times, it just seems like I can’t distinguish one from the other sometimes if I just listen to them, you know? A lot of times they just sound really similar to me. And then you have some that come out like a Carrie [Underwood] or Miranda [Lambert] or somebody like that, that really has a different, distinctive sound to their voice. Then it’s like, oh, okay, you can tell them apart all of a sudden. They go on to be obviously big stars, but I think it’s because you can distinguish between them.”

In Aldean’s defense, the music industry is constantly filled with wannabes who try and mold their voice into a version of whichever star is topping the charts. Still, this is a phenomenon that occurs for both males and females equally who are trying to make it big in the industry.

Still, there’s something in his comments that doesn’t sit well.

We already know how hard it is for women, sometimes called “tomatoes“, to make a name for themselves as artists, and thoughtless statements like this just put us one step backward. This unfortunate attitude of easily writing-off female voices is already far too commonplace.

Hopefully Aldean will rethink his attitude and listen a little harder the next time he tunes into the huge pool of talented country artists who just happen to be female.

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Jason Aldean Comments on Women in Country Music, Thinks They Sound the Same