Jason Aldean Smacked By Airborne Beer Cup During Kansas Show

Jason Aldean braves a hazard of the country performance trade: flying beer cups.

Aldean was most certainly mad after a fan lobbed a beer cup at his head during his performance in Witchita, Kan. on Thursday (April 9). The country singer was in the middle of singing "Don't You Wanna Stay" -- a duet he recorded with Kelly Clarkson -- when the airborne beer collided with his noggin.

When Aldean performs "Don't You Wanna Stay" an image of Clarkson singing the harmony part is projected onstage. According to the Witchita EagleAldean stopped singing when the beer hit him, but the image of Clarkson kept playing. He pointed down to the drunk fan near the stage and shook his head, saying "No." Security swooped up the offender shortly after.

Apparently, the fan wanted to tell Aldean that his buddy got engaged before the show, and he wanted Aldean to say something about it onstage. Because, you know, throwing beer at someone's head is usually a good way to get them to do stuff for you, especially when they're performing a song. 

Aldean wasn't hurt, and his tour managers aren't pressing charges. But those aren't the only reasons the fan is lucky.

"It took everything I had not to go kick that guy's teeth in," Aldean told the audience later in the show.

Aldean's not the first country singer to get a beer thrown at his head, and he certainly won't be the last. Dustin Lynch made headlines back in October when a fanlobbed a full beer can at his head.

Hey, sometimes beer and country music don't mix well.

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Jason Aldean Smacked By Airborne Beer Cup During Kansas Show