See Jason Aldean Perform Heartbroken New Song 'This Plane Don't Go There'

With just a week to go until Jason Aldean's new album They Don't Know is released, the singer had teased another new track for rowdy fans. This brand new performance of "This Plane Don't Go There" harkens back in more ways than one.

First of all, it's a song actually about harkening back to an old memory. But not in Aldean's usually wistful ways. Instead, "This Plane Don't Go There" focuses on a forlorn regret of love past. Perhaps one of the coolest things about the song is it doesn't get too literal. It doesn't hit the listener over the head or get caught up in where the metaphorical plane is going.

Second of all, it sounds a lot more like the Aldean of the past. Listeners may find the sound featured on "This Plane Don't Go There" to be reminiscent of songs like "My Memory Ain't What It Used To Be" and "Why." It's a welcome change, which you can check out below.

Speaking with ET, Aldean called "This Plane Don't Go There" one of his favorite vocal performances on the album. "This song is written by one of my favorite writers, Neil Thrasher, who's written a ton of things for us over the years," Aldean said during the ACM Honors taping. Thrasher also contributed to songs like "Fly Over States" and "Night Train."

You can also catch Aldean performing more new music on the Six String Circus Tour. His album They Don't Know hits the shelves Sept. 9.

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See Jason Aldean Perform Heartbroken New Song 'This Plane Don't Go There'