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Jason Aldean Lands His Own Exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame

Jason Aldean just landed his own exhibit at the famed Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Titled Asphalt Cowboy, the museum display features a closer look at the star's career through different mementos and artifacts.

Though it sounds like a peculiar title, "Asphalt Cowboy" comes from a song off his 2005 debut album. Funny enough, Blake Shelton also put that song on his 2003 record The Dreamer. (Shelton's own exhibit at the museum just wrapped up).

According to the Hall of Fame, Aldean's new exhibit highlights the "early encouragement he received from both parents, his move to Nashville, his struggle to get his music heard and his groundbreaking success with an independent record company."

Some of those specifics include Aldean's first guitar and the contract cover letter to his Broken Bow record deal. Aldean famously had two major label deals that went nowhere before taking the leap on a new independent label. Fans also get to read a personal note to Aldean from Jay Leno and his childhood rocking horse.

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Aldean says it's an honor to get his own exhibit. "That building is filled with the artists who helped create and shape country music," he says. "So to be a part of that legacy is something I am very proud of."?

The country star is also bringing his partnership with Field & Stream to the exhibit. The outdoorsman brand of DICK'S Sporting Goods partnered with the country superstar last year. So expect Asphalt Cowboy to also feature Aldean's love of hunting and fishing.

Fans can check out the new exhibit from May 26 through November 5. And they can see Aldean out on the road throughout most of the rest of the year.

Landing an exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame is a huge deal. Only a few artists score featured spots every year. Others with upcoming exhibits include Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Loretta Lynn.

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