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See Jason Aldean Share Special Message With Couple Engaged at His Concert

During Jason Aldean's tour stop at Madison Square Garden in New York City, a young couple got engaged to the delight of the audience surrounding them. The crowd's warm reaction to the special moment made its way down to the stage where Aldean took notice.

Alex Borsari, 23, attended the concert with the intention of asking his girlfriend, 21-year-old Jess McCormack, to marry him while Aldean played "You Make It Easy." CBS News wrote that since he didn't want her to get up and miss the song, he had to come up with a silly reason she couldn't leave to go to the concession stand. And McCormack's suspicions rose even higher when she noticed her parents were nearby in the audience.

When the song finally came on, NBC New York writes that Borsari led McCormack to the aisle of the 100s level of the venue which holds over 20,000 people. He dropped to one knee and the crowd went crazy. McCormack had to answer "yes" twice so Borsari could hear! Next, the couple was whisked away by staff members leading them down to the floor.

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Once the couple made it down toward the front of the stage, Aldean said he noticed the hullabaloo and couldn't tell if someone was getting married or engaged up in the stadium. He shook their hands and then gave them a sincere, personal congratulations. "I think if someone gets engaged, you've got to celebrate that," Aldean said raising a red solo cup with the band. "So here's to you guys, may you guys have a long and blissful marriage." He also couldn't help but say, "I don't know when the wedding is and I don't know what your wedding song is, but I think that's a pretty good one right there."

Surely the newly engaged couple are still on cloud nine after such an extraordinary night. When CBS News spoke with Borsari, he said they haven't had time to set a wedding date, but one thing is already for certain — "It's definitely is going to be our wedding song."

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