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Jason Aldean and Wife Brittany Reveal Gender of New Baby

Over the weekend, the Aldeans shared their special gender reveal moment with fans on social media, announcing that they're welcoming a baby girl into the family. Jason Aldean and wife Brittany already knew the answer to the burning question of whether or not they were having a boy or girl, but daughters Keeley, 15, and Kendyl, 10, didn't know the score until they busted open a baseball full of pink dust.

In the cute video both Jason and Brittany shared on Instagram, Jason says that Kendyl couldn't stop talking about the gender reveal for the previous month. When asked if she was expecting to see pink or blue, Kendyl immediately said she was guessing pink. Older sister Keeley agreed, noting that Brittany seemed to be sicker with this child, differing from how she felt when she was pregnant with their little brother Memphis.

Sat on sister Keeley's hip, soon to be big brother Memphis wasn't old enough to make a guess, but the happy baby was excited nonetheless. When it came time to bust open the specially made baseballs full of colored dust, Keeley managed a direct hit, exploding pink into the country air, confirming the girls' suspicions.

Last May, the Aldeans had an exciting reveal for their son Memphis where they popped balloons, letting blue confetti cascade down while the girls lept into the air and hugged. It was a difficult road for Brittany to get pregnant. She spoke openly about using IVF.

"The IVF was probably harder than the actual pregnancy, for me, because it was just such a roller coaster and so difficult," Brittany told People. "It's such high highs and such low lows, and no one really knows that you're going through it all so you have to just put on a game face and pretend that you're not giving yourself shots in your stomach every day, all day."

After all the stress of IVF, it's even sweeter to see the family overjoyed by the gender reveal.

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