Jase Robertson
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Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson Looks Insanely Different Without a Beard


Nobody panic, but... Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty has shaved his beard and chopped his hair! It's okay though. Calm down, y'all, it was for a good cause. And after all, it will grow back.

Jase comes from the family who made famous the quote "There are two kinds of people without beards, children and women, I am neither."

Jase promised to part with his beloved facial hair if he could raise $100,000 for Mia Moo Fund, an organization that aids children with cleft lips and cleft palates. Robertson and his wife started the foundation in honor of their daughter, Mia, who was born with both facial malformations.


Because Jase was so very furry, it took quite a while to get him all spruced up, but you can see it all go down in this 30-second clip. Robertson reported on his Facebook page that the video of him being shaved was viewed so many times that it actually crashed the Mia Moo website.

Robertson met his goal, and, as promised, shaved his beard. He came out looking like a completely different man. This is a man that his wife, Missy, hasn't seen in seven years. Robertson used to shave his beard at the end of every duck season, and grow it out again each year, but he stopped that after he became a part of the Duck Dynasty show.

It's pretty obvious by the loving look on her face that Missy is still smitten.


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