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Jane Fonda Shares What It Was Like Drinking Moonshine with Dolly Parton

Really good moonshine can get you drunk in the snap of your fingers. Jane Fonda, which was interviewed by James Corden on The Late Late Show with co-star Lily Tomlin to promote their Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, shared how she got the chance to try moonshine while on tour with Dolly Parton. According to the political activist and Cecil B. DeMille Award winner, if you drink good white lightning, you won't realize you're drunk till you get home.

Jane Fonda Says She was "Drunk for 10 Days" After Drinking Moonshine with Dolly Parton

According to Fonda, Parton invited her to fly from Los Angeles to Nashville and be one of her backup singers at the Grand Ole Opry. When Tomlin asked if anyone recognized Hollywood royalty Fonda, Fonda replied, " No, they didn't know who I was," replied Fonda. "I wouldn't be here alive today if they did."

After the two performed country music together, Fonda and Parton hopped on the tour bus where one of their first stops was at Parton's cousin's still in the Ozarks. Fonda goes on to explain that the moonshine was filtered four times, making it crisp. The women drank it out of moonshine jugs, as Fonda imitates sticking her thumb in the jug,

"I didn't know I was drunk!" she said. "I was drunk for 10 days and didn't know it."

Parton's husband had videotaped the whole trip and put together a montage at the end of the week.

"When I looked at that video," Fonda recalled, "I realized that we had no idea that we were as drunk as we were."

The 9 to 5 co-stars are set to reunite again soon as Parton is set to make a cameo on the Netflix series Grace and Frankie. We can't wait to see the three on the screen together again.

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