Jana Kramer Reveals Gender of New Baby

Country star and actress Jana Kramer and her husband, former NFL tight end Mike Caussin, are expecting their second child - a baby boy! A month after announcing her pregnancy, Kramer posted a photo to Instagram of her and her husband's mouths dropped open once they saw blue confetti falling from a piñata.


Kramer told Us Weekly that her friend called Kramer's doctor to find out the sex of the baby to surprise the couple at the gender reveal party in California. The singer had a difficult time becoming pregnant and endured multiple miscarriages, so she's beyond thrilled to see any sort of reveal, but Kramer admitted to Us Weekly that they anticipated pink confetti to be falling to their feet.

"I was convinced it was a girl. Like, absolutely convinced with how sick I've been and the cravings I've had," Kramer stated. "I was like, 'OK, I'm definitely having another girl.' And I kind of secretly wanted a girl because I never had a sister, so I always wanted to know what that was like." But once she saw the blue cascading down, Kramer thought, "It was a really nice actual surprise."

Husband Mike Caussin is looking forward to having a little boy, Kramer says. The couple has been working hard toward building a happy family and Caussin wants the chance to pass on his knowledge to his child.

"He wants to raise his little boy [with] respect and kind of do the things that he wishes he would have done," Kramer told Us Weekly. "He's gonna be such a good dad to a boy. It's gonna be challenging because in this day and age for boys, you don't want to be too hard on them, but you still want them to know it's OK to show emotion and to kind of have that mix."

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While the big piñata reveal was still fun for the couple's first child, Kramer says her 2-year-old daughter Jolie didn't quite understand the situation until she saw a 3D ultrasound of her little brother and Kramer's baby bump. Now, she's gearing up to become a big sister.

As a country singer, Jana Kramer started her career with her self-titled record released in 2012 featuring the hit "Why You Wanna." She followed up her first album with 2015's Thirty One featuring "I Got the Boy." Kramer is also well-known for her acting skills, especially her role as Alex Dupre on One Tree Hill. As a marker of her success, she joined the cast of Dancing With the Stars in 2016 where she made it to fourth place.

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Jana Kramer Reveals Gender of New Baby