Jana Kramer Says She 'Doesn't Need Any More Bulls**t' in Her Life

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Jana Kramer took to Chelsea to explain what her thirties taught her. Primarily, that she "doesn't need any more bullshit" in her life. Given Kramer just announced a split from her husband Mike Caussin, she clearly means it.

Kramer appeared on the Wednesday, Aug. 24 episode of Chelsea to share that sentiment. The big difference between her 20s and 30s? Kramer says she respects herself more. And that means she doesn't end up in bad situations.

The 32-year-old singer recently released an album dedicated to life lessons from turning 30. It's appropriately titled Thirty One.


Kramer announced the split from Caussin not long before her taping. Since the former NFL player entered rehab for undisclosed reasons, neither Caussin nor Kramer issued a statement on the split.

But one thing is for certain: Kramer is prepared to do what's right for her. Not to mention her newborn daughter, Jolie Rae Caussin. This is Kramer's third marriage.

You can catch more of Kramer's interview on Chelsea if you've got a Netflix subscription. And let's be real, you probably do. You can also catch her on the road for some select dates this year. The "I Got The Boy" singer performs a few more shows through September before returning home.

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Jana Kramer Says She 'Doesn't Need Any More Bulls**t' in Her Life