Jamie Lynn Spears Preps ‘Sassy’ New Country Album

In an interview with Wide Open Country, Jamie Lynn Spears says she’s hard at work on brand new music.

Spears independently released her debut EP, The Journey, in 2014. She says the process of recording her first release as a country artist was an “emotional” and “incredibly personal” experience. “Picking out five songs that represented me as an artist was incredibly important,” Spears said. “You only get one introduction.”

The 24-year-old singer has been active in the country music scene since the release of her first single, “How Could I Want More”, back in 2013. Over the past two years, she’s been focused on honing her sound as a female artist in preparation of her first full-length album. “My goal is to really challenge myself as an artist,” Spears says of her new project. “I have a really clear direction as to what I want for my next music. I’ve got a bit more confidence,” she explains. “I’ve got my head around what it is I want to say.”

With that newly-tapped confidence, Spears is ready to infuse a little bit more of her fun personality into the mix. “There might be a little bit more sass to it,” she reveals. “Something that will make a woman feel good.”

As a songwriter, Spears has been enjoying the success of her first big cut. She co-wrote Jana Kramer‘s current hit, “I Got The Boy,” with Connie Harrington and Tim Nichols. “It’s a compliment to have another woman in country music record your song,” Spears said excitedly. “It’s something I’m really proud of.”

After moving to Nashville in 2011, Spears immediately began to co-write and work with other songwriters in town. Along the way, she forged many close relationships with other artists, which has helped her grow and evolve as a songwriter. “The songwriting community is really special to me,” she explains. “In those writing rooms is where you challenge yourself as an artist, and when you share your heart with that community, they’re really receiving of that.”

Currently, Spears doesn’t have a set timeline for when her next project will be completed. When she isn’t working in the studio, Spears has been out on the road playing dates across the country this summer, including a handful of concerts set for this August. For a full list of tour dates and more information on her music, visit Jamie Lynn Spears’ official website.

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Jamie Lynn Spears Preps ‘Sassy’ New Country Album