New Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey is Coming Soon

Popular Irish whiskey brand Jameson is running headfirst into the coffee-infused liquor market with its new Jameson Cold Brew. While adding a touch of liquor to coffee is nothing new (hello Irish coffee!) more and more companies are looking to add a pick-me-up to their alcoholic beverages. Last year PBR launched their take on the vanilla iced latte with a 5 ABV%. Jägermeister introduced Jägermeister Cold Brew last year as well.

New Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey is Coming Soon

According to the brand, the new cold brew whiskey will be a limited edition item that is currently available for pre-order. Unlike Jägermeister, the new Jameson Irish whiskey product will feature a natural cold brew coffee flavor rather than the addition of espresso. Made with Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia with no added sugar, the flavored whiskey is smooth with hints of dark chocolate, rich coffee aroma, and toasted oak. Each 1.5-ounce serving packs 17-mg of caffeine, which is about the same amount you get from a shot of espresso.

Jameson recommends enjoying the beverage on the rocks or in a cocktail like the Jameson Cold Brew-tini.

How to Make a Jameson Cold Brew-tini


In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine 2 parts Jameson Cold Brew, 1 part cold brew coffee, and .5 parts simple syrup. Shake and strain into a martini glass and garnish with chocolate espresso beans.

While most people are excited about the rise of coffee/liquor beverages, one group is less than thrilled. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning the public health about the dangers of mixing alcohol and caffeine.

When alcohol is mixed with caffeine, the caffeine can mask the depressant effects of alcohol, making drinkers feel more alert than they would otherwise. As a result, they may drink more alcohol and become more impaired than they realize, increasing the risk of alcohol-attributable harms.

In other words, drinking caffeinated drinks can get you hammered before you realize it. Drink responsibly, people.

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