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Jalapeño M&M's is One of Three New International M&M's Flavors

UPDATE: February 26, 2019

You can now buy Jalapeño M&M's at Walmart. Click here to see if your store has them in stock. 

Original article from September 17, 2018 resumes below.

If you like a little spice with your sweet chocolate candy, you're in luck. The classic peanut M&M's is going international with three new flavors, including jalapeño M&M's that capitalize on the spicy and sweet trend in candy right now.

Sweet heat candies are everywhere, from Skittles to Starburst, so it was only a matter of time before M&M's added another candy to the hot and sweet lineup. This time it's the new Mexican Jalapeño M&M's, which is the classic peanut surrounded by milk chocolate and a brightly colored candy shell, but with a little kick added.

Instagram account SnackChatLive has the breaking candy news, with word that the 2019 M&M's contest for a new M&M's flavor will feature exotic spins on the peanut candy. Mexican Jalapeño M&M's are one of the internationally-inspired flavors, the other two are Thai Coconut Peanut M&M's and English Toffee Peanut M&M's.

One of SnackChatLive's food reviewers managed to acquire a bag of the new Jalapeño M&M's; his taste test indicated that the spice factor in the new jalapeño flavor candy was mild. Brent Timm told the Today Show, "They have a great, natural jalapeño taste, with just a subtle hint of spice. For all the snackers who are averse to spicy foods — don't worry! — these spicy M&M's won't have you calling the fire department, or guzzling a glass of milk."

Instagram user CandyHunting backed up the spicy scoop with another picture of the Mexican Jalapeño M&M's in a deep green package with yellow and green candies.

Mars won't confirm any of the new flavors yet or say when they might hit store shelves, but we do know that the company has hosted a similar contest for the past few years to choose from three limited time special flavors, with the winner going into the M&M's rotation.

We should note that this is actually not the first time Mars has launched a spicy peanut M&M's. Back in 2016, the candy company's new flavor contest included Chili Nut M&M's (Coffee Nut won the vote). The company also introduced a limited edition sweet and spicy peanut M&M in China in late 2017.

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