Jake Owen Seafoam Green
Screengrab via YouTube

Jake Owen Loves This Color So Much He Wrote a Rap Song About It

Jake Owen is known as one of country music's funniest men, but his new video for "Seafoam Green" seriously takes the cake.

Owen returns to his jokester roots in the goofy video featuring Ryan Hurd and Nashville filmmakers Austin and Colin of That's Classic Media. The description for the video on Jake's YouTube channel simply states "Somebody once asked me what my favorite color was. This was my response. Also, thanks to Chase Rice for dumping paint all over me."

The video wastes no time whatsoever in letting the world know just how much Owen loves the color seafoam green. Wearing the color from head-to-toe, Owen, Hurd, and Austin and Colin lay down silly verses about the blue-green shade. Clever quips are abound, including "did you say Cee-Lo Green/No I said seafoam green!"

Needless to say, the video is a departure from songs like "American Country Love Song." Granted, the seafoam green Volkswagen van from the aforementioned track's video rightfully makes a cameo in this new clip.

While the video is most definitely a silly escape for Owen, he shows some considerable chops when it comes to goofy rap. The hook of "no matter where I go/no matter where I'm seen/I can guarantee I always wearing seafoam green" gives hope to Owen's next career path if this whole country thing doesn't pan out.

As a matter of fact, everyone on the "track" does a serviceable job when it comes to celebrating seafoam green. Granted, its probably best everyone still sticks to their day jobs.

The video even features a sneaky cameo from Chase Rice, dousing Owen in - you guessed it - seafoam green paint. Hopefully these goofy collaborations with That's Classic Media continue, as its always fun to see Owen cut loose. The creative collaborators teamed up in late 2016 alongside Parmalee for the video "Christmas Spirits."

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