Jake Owen Collaborates with Florida Governor to Aid Irma Victims

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Native Floridian Jake Owen has launched a campaign to aid Hurricane Irma victims in his home state.

In a post shared to his Instagram account on Sunday (Sept. 17), the country singer announced that he has partnered with Florida Governor Rick Scott to raise money for those affected by the storm.

"We are going to bring the sunshine back to the Sunshine State of Florida," Owen said in the video. "As we all go on about our lives and go back to football games and hanging out with our friends and family the people back in Florida are really suffering."

Text SUNSHINE to 20222 Y'all.... please help if you can. My HOME sunshine state of Florida has been hit hard by Hurricane Irma and we all can help. Thanks to Governor Rick Scott, he is on board to help us with a campaign called "Bring Back The Sunshine." For a ONE TIME, never bother you again, $10 fee, we can help rebuild the state of Florida, one donation at a time. Please text the word SUNSHINE to 2022 for your $10 donation. All of your money goes DIRECTLY to the people that need it most. Florida thrives on tourism and people visiting our state. We aren't just rebuilding homes. Together we are rebuilding jobs, schools, infrastructure,... we are rebuilding LIVES. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. I love you guys and I believe in the power of positivity and the values this country was founded on. Helping one another. The American Dream. FLORIDA DISASTER FUND WWW.FLORIDADISASTERFUND.ORG

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"I talked to the Governor of Florida, Mr. Rick Scott, and he has helped us establish a fund that he is backing so all the money is going directly to the people of Florida," Owen announced.

Hurricane Irma was the most intense hurricane to be detected in the Atlantic since Hurricane Dean 10 years ago. Irma hit Cudjoe Key, Fla. on Sept. 10, with winds gusting up to 130 miles per hour. The hurricane caused millions of dollars in damage, displaced thousands of Floridians and killed 32 people.

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Owen isn't the only country star to make an effort to help Irma victims. Kenny Chesney also donated the use of his private jet to a pair of brothers who needed to evacuate from St. Croix.

Contributing to the fund is easy. Simply text SUNSHINE to 2022 to make your donation.

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Jake Owen Collaborates with Florida Governor to Aid Irma Victims