Jake Owen Fires Back at Facebook Hacker

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Jake Owen has no tolerance for hackers who want to try and trick his fans.

The “American Country Love Song” singer posted a video to his Facebook page on April 20 explaining that someone had created a fake account pretending to be Jake. The hacker was sending messages to Owen’s fans and telling women that he himself was Jake Owen and to call the phone number he provided.

Jake took it upon himself to call the number. When the hacker didn’t answer, Owen left a detailed message about his complete and utter disgust of the situation. The message warned that if the hacker did not stop Jake and his team would find him and quote “put people like you away.”

Once Owen spoke his peace, he went back to drinking his margarita.

Later in the day, an update was given saying that although the hacker didn’t answer Jake’s original call, he did actually have the audacity to text him back still pretending to be the real Jake Owen. His one request was to not share his number, so of course Jake posted it in the caption of the video in order to teach a lesson.

Owen’s reasoning for being so fired up about the incident was that he would do anything in his power to protect his fans.

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Jake Owen Fires Back at Facebook Hacker