Jake Owen Gets Real About His Divorce During Latest Concert [WATCH]

Just days after publicly announcing his divorce from wife Lacey Buchanan on Twitter, Jake Owen took a moment to reflect on their relationship during his set at WE Fest 2015.

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During the last night of the Minnesota country music festival, technical issues put a sudden stop to Owen's performance. After a short delay, he reemerged on stage with merely an acoustic guitar for a stirring cover of Garth Brooks' "The Dance". After the massive singalong, Owen took a moment to address how his personal life was affecting his ability to perform.

"I think maybe a lot of people would maybe shy away from it, but my wife and I are getting a divorce and this is probably the hardest sh- I've ever done in my life," Owen told the crowd, "to walk on stage every night and try to pretend everything is awesome when really it ain't always awesome."

He went on to tell his fans how appreciative he was of their support each night.

"Thanks to people like you guys for singing along every night. You have no idea how much you guys lift me up every single night."

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After a brief pause, Owen also shared how much he loves his wife and daughter Pearl and how he was thankful for their part in his journey so far. "That's a dance I'm glad I got to dance," he said thoughtfully of his three-year marriage.

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Jake Owen Gets Real About His Divorce During Latest Concert [WATCH]