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Jack Daniel’s Barrel Making Process Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever really thought about how your glass of whiskey gets its amazing flavor? It takes a lot of time and effort to create a great tasting batch of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, and much of that magic happens during its time sitting inside a barrel.

The distinct flavor of Jack Daniel’s comes from their hand-crafted barrels, which are made in a large warehouse each day. Although machinery helps speed up the process, most of the work is done by the human hand in order to ensure the quality of each barrel. Check out this short film which shows the construction of a Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel from start to finish.

After all the wood pieces are fit together, the barrels are sent into an oven and set on fire. The heat and flames burn the sugar within the wood, which creates those unique flavors that are passed over into the whiskey itself.

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Jack Daniel’s cranks out thousands of barrels because they are only used once in order to ensure the right flavor and quality of the whiskey. After that, they are sent to other breweries and food companies to be recycled as containers.

It’s a pretty amazing feat, especially when you learn that Jack Daniel’s is the only distillery in the world that still makes its own whiskey barrels. It gives you a little more appreciation for the delicious and reliable taste that comes from every bottle that Jack Daniel’s distributes.

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Jack Daniel’s Barrel Making Process Will Blow Your Mind