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Video Premiere: Jabe Burgess Tells a True Story of Timeless Love on 'Dianne's Song'

Singer-songwriter Jabe Burgess sings a story of a 55-year love story on the heart-wrenching "Dianne's Song." Burgess wrote the song with Mark Alan Springer and Steve Williams, whose wife Dianne is battling dementia. Though Dianne no longer remembers Steve, he still visits her every day to sit with her and read her old love letters.

"As the years went by, they'd see the signs hidden in her troubled mind/ Holding on as she began to fade," Burgess sings. "He knew before when they ran the tests that it was for the best/ But he cried when he moved her in that place/ He promised her forever/ That he would never let her go/ Even if she can't remember/ Even if she doesn't know."

The video features photos and video from throughout Steve and Dianne's love story.

"'Dianne's Song' is a true story about the life of Steve and Dianne Williams. The day I met Steve, he told me about his wife Dianne and how she is battling dementia and does not know who he is, but still every day he goes to see her at the nursing home," Burgess tells Wide Open Country. "His love for her inspired me to start writing this song, and I'm so honored that he is also a co-writer on it as well as my mentor Mark Alan Springer. I know when we wanted to shoot a music video that I wanted Steve and Dianne to be featured in it, it's a true love story."

Wach the video for "Dianne's Song" below.

For more information on Jabe Burgess, visit his official website.

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