This Map Shows Every City Mentioned in 'I've Been Everywhere'

Johnny Cash didn't record "I've Been Everywhere" until 1996. By then it had gone through the hands and guitars of many artists before him, including Asleep at the Wheel, Lynn Anderson and Hank Snow. In fact, Hank Snow recorded the song on this day (June 27) in 1962 in Nashville's Studio B.

You might be surprised to learn "I've Been Everywhere" is originally from Australia, written in 1959 and made popular by a guy named Lucky Star in 1962, just months before Snow covered it. Starr released an album with four versions of the song, covering the U.S., Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand. Definitely check out some of the crazy names in the Australian and New Zealand versions.


And here's the New Zealand version by John Grenell:

Mapping Every City Mentioned in the U.S. Version

Many of the names in the U.S. version (Springfield, Black Rock, Pittsfield) could be a number of places. There are even various states with places you'd think would be obvious, like Santa Fe and Buffalo. Heck, there are even two Oskaloosas. Go figure.

Check out all the places the song mentions in this map:

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This Map Shows Every City Mentioned in 'I've Been Everywhere'