It Gets Easier
Screengrab via YouTube

Willie Nelson Shares Pensive New Video for 'It Gets Easier'

There are few living country artists more influential than Willie Nelson. In his new tune "It Gets Easier," the singer-songwriter tackles the realities of getting older and what it all really means.

Nelson has never been much for glitz and glamour, and his latest video keeps it simple. Shots of him performing with his trusty sidekick Trigger are inter-spliced with a few scenic images of rolling fields. Along with the freedom of making your own choices no matter what, Nelson shares a burden that comes with age - dealing with immeasurable loss.

The 83-year-old scared some fans recently with a string of concert cancellations earlier this year. But he still seems to be in no hurry to slow down. He's back at his normal pace of performing, and is busy gearing up for his new record's release.

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If you're a Texan, or just in town for SXSW, you can see him perform live at his second annual Luck Reunion. Otherwise, you still have plenty of chances in the coming weeks to see him share his gifts on the live stage.

God's Problem Child drops April 28.

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