Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's Final Duet Will Make You Smile


Last night (Oct. 25), some of country music's biggest stars paid tribute to the incredible life and career of Kenny Rogers. But one of the most highly-anticipated moments was the final duet performance from Rogers and his longtime friend Dolly Parton.

In true Dolly fashion, she brought plenty of laughs and smiles to the emotionally-charged set. When Kenny got a little wistful while reminiscing on their old days, Parton made sure to keep things light. "Good lord, you're just retiring," she joked. "We're not dying."

After running through "You Can't Make Old Friends" and "I Will Always Love You," the two gave the fans what they've been waiting for. With gleeful smiles, they rolled into their massive 1983 hit, "Islands In The Stream." You can watch their entire duet in the video above.

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After the last few notes and a roar of applause, the two decided to leave the stage together in style.

"Kenny, how about we go out like rock stars?" Dolly asked, before dropping her microphone and walking off stage. Talk about the perfect way to close out a legendary career.

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Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's Final Duet Will Make You Smile