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Did This Man Find KFC's Secret Recipe in an Old Scrapbook?

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After years of being the country's top secret, a man in Corbin, Ky., claims to have a copy of KFC's secret recipe.

Joe Ledington is a nephew of the famous Colonel Sanders. One of the family heirlooms that he owns is a scrapbook. The original owner of it was the Colonel's second wife, Claudia Ledington.

When Ms. Ledington passed away, her family found her last will and testament in the back of the scrapbook. But, there was something even more exciting in that scrapbook - a handwritten list of spices. Just about everyone knows that KFC's famous chicken has 11 secret herbs and spices in the recipe. It's only natural to draw conclusions!

Jay Jones/Chicago Tribune

What makes this story even more interesting is that Mr. Ledington is very familiar with the original recipe. He says that when he was a child, he would mix the spices himself while working at the family business. He is confident that these are still the spices the restaurant uses today.

Of course, KFC is not confirming this story. They have constantly maintained that the original recipe is under lock and key. The story goes that only one handwritten copy of the recipe exists. This piece of paper is in a guarded safe, enclosed in concrete.

But, whether this recipe is the real deal or not, I'm sure just about everyone will be testing it out this weekend.

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Did This Man Find KFC's Secret Recipe in an Old Scrapbook?