Is Hulk Hogan Trying to Run for President?
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Is Hulk Hogan Trying to Run for President?

I guess anyone can become president nowadays. If The Apprentice Donald Trump can do it, why not anyone? As long as you're charismatic enough, you can probably pull it off. It seems like a former wrestler like Hulk Hogan is uniquely equipped to handle this responsibility.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Hogan heartily embraces the notion of running for office. "We need somebody in there that's got some common sense," Hogan grins. "So, if you need a president or vice president, I'll volunteer and take this country over, and I'll rule with an iron fist, a flat tax - nothing but common sense. I know right from wrong, brother."

Honestly, the floodgates are open for anyone with some public visibility to try their hands at politics. I'm not sure how much knowledge on genuine issues even matters to the common American anymore. It seems like people look at this all like the circus anyway. Frankly, you might as well be entertained in the process. In that sense, Hulk Hogan is suited to call all his citizens Hulkamaniacs and tell them to eat their vitamins.

Hulk Hogan is Trying to Heal America Through His Beer

Naturally, the Hulkster isn't talking on Fox News just to shoot the breeze. Hogan wants to sell us something. Introduce Real American Beer. Hogan argues his brand new line of beer guarantees to heal any divides in our country. Moreover, he admits to seeing the Bud light controversy and seeing his opportunity to jump into the brewing game. ""I had this crazy idea because I saw how competitive the beer industry was, and I saw what happened with Bud Light and their whole promotion that crashed and burned. I saw this crazy open lane and it just reminded me of what needed to be done in this country," Hogan expresses.

Additionally, Hogan desperately pleads for unity amongst all different races and identities. ""We're much more alike, than we are different," he adds. "I just thought 'This is so much bigger than politics.' Because if you can't communicate and you can't talk, you're not going to get anywhere with your discussions, your decisions, or with people getting along."

It's just like a wrestler to try and sell me something like it's a vintage promo. I'm not sure if Hulk can shed his public image after his racial controversies in the past. Regardless, he's dropping the vitamins and suggesting you crack open a cold one instead.