Irish People Attempt American Accents, and It's Hilarious

One of the beautiful things about our planet is that nobody sounds the same. That mentality is also what makes this video of Irish people trying North American accents so hilarious.

These Irish men and women, all good sports, give five North American accents -- Southern, Californian, Canadian, New Yorker and Bostonian -- their best shot. While the Canadian accent seemed to be the easiest for them, they definitely had a lot of cultural references to bring to the American accents portion.

New York and New Jersey took on a distinct, Sopranos vibe with their voices getting deeper and just trying. Louisiana and the Deep South also wasn't that difficult, though, probably because the vowel sounds in the Irish accent and the Southern accent are fairly similar.

Things got a little messy when it was time to test out the California accent. Mostly they talked about getting burritos and hitting the surf, brah, which seems about right.

One poor soul couldn't even attempt the Boston accent, which makes sense because it's the worst to try and imitate. However, they all gave it their best shot and it's hilarious to see them try.

Watch the video to get a taste of what Americans and Canadians sound like to Irish men and women.

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Irish People Attempt American Accents, and It's Hilarious