Internet Tourist Posts Misleading Photo Of Gatlinburg, And Tennesseans Are Having A Field Day
Photo by Harvey Meston/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Internet Tourist Posts Misleading Photo Of Gatlinburg, And Tennesseans Are Having A Field Day: "Actually That's Switzerland"

Having spent the last four years in South Carolina, I certainly know what Gatlinburg, Tennessee looks like, but it's safe to say this random internet tourist has never visited the Smoky Mountains in his life. Taking to X formerly Twitter, he shared a picture of Gatlinburg. The only issue is that it's not Gatlinburg at alll.

Just take a look below. While Gatlinburg has mountains, they don't tower above the sun like in the video below. The Smoky Mountains are green and covered in trees and foliage. Likewise, the architecture is all wrong, and it doesn't appear to be America at all. Don't get me wrong, it makes for a breathtaking view. It's just not Gatlinburg.


One person wrote, "Actually that's Switzerland, my family and I stood on that very spot 2years ago. The building in the front and the waterfall gave it away." Ah, yeah that definitely looks more like Switzerland than Tennessee, so I will take their word for it. Many Tennesseans and Southerners took to social media to call foul on the video.

One person wrote, "Well, i vacation here often and live in the same state, I don't ever recall seeing these mountains or those views... i Think you got the wrong country." Another person couldn't wait for disappointed tourists in the future. Imagine booking a trip to Gatlinburg thinking that it was going to look like the random video. They wrote, "The faces of those who book trips to Gatlinburg TN to see this.....priceless."

The Real Gatlinburg

Meanwhile, another person wrote, "Any red blooded American knows that's the Southside of Chicago."

Of course, if you actually want to know what Gatlinburg looks like, then one person was happy to oblige. They shared a photo of the Tennessee town for everyone to take in.

Ah, now that's the town I know. It's cramped, full of tourists, but it has its own charms. The mountains do offer breathtaking views if you're staying in one of the mountainside cabins. It's a nice way to get in touch with nature and away from things. Meanwhile, the town itself has plenty to offer with attractions, restaurants, and bars. There's honestly more than you can do in one trip. Just don't mistake it for Switzerland.