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The Most Popular Interior Design Styles by State, Mapped

Have you ever noticed that when visiting different parts of the United States people decorate their homes differently? While the architecture of different places vary greatly (colonial brick in New England to Adobe in Arizona and New Mexico) it's also the interior of people's homes.

I can absolutely attest to this fact. In California, my childhood home had ranch home decor throughout. We even had a small barn in the back, which was later turned into a playhouse for my sister and I. When we moved to Oregon, our house became more modern, with solar panels on the roof. In Florida, our home took on a coastal theme, complete with a bowl of seashells we've collected over the years. Then when living with my cousins in Massachusetts, I was welcomed into a house rich with oak and warmth.

Every house has their own style, however when Pots Planters & More took to the web for some interior design research, they were surprised that one could analyze the design ideas for each state. Further more, one could look at what interior design ideas were the most popular in each state. They call it the United States of Design.

First up is a look at the most popular interior design ideas across all 50 states. The most popular, being bohemian, takes over 14 different states. This style is categorized with plants, beads, antiques and flowing fabric.

Other contenders include Scandinavian design (hej Ikea!) and farmhouse which can be described as the personal style of Joanna Gaines.

Let's get further into the home. According to the analytics, the kitchen is the most googled room to update and renovate. It comes as no surprise since the heart (and tummy) of the house is in the kitchen.

From the data, 11 states prefer to redo the bedroom, while only four want to change up their home decor in the living room or family room.

Any interior designers in the house? According to Google, the top states for looking up home design inspiration is California, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Alaska, Ohio and Vermont.

Whether it's to add a new table to their dining room or spread an area rug in their living space, Americans are always on the look out for the home decorating ideas.

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