This Interactive Map Shows American Literature’s Greatest Road Trips

Thanks to a new comprehensive online map, you can follow literature’s favorite characters on your next summer road trip.

The bookworms at Atlas Obscura created an incredible Guide to Literary Road Trips, which plots out travel routes featured in some of the most popular written works in history.

From Mark Twain’s Roughing It to Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, the list features complete routes pulled from 12 popular books. The awesome interactive map allows you to click through hundreds of cities, read quotes from the books and track their characters from start to finish.

From details provided in each book, the creators at Atlas Obscura painstakingly entered over 1,500 coordinates onto the map as accurately as possible. Although there are many classic novels featuring epic road trips, map creators Richard Kreitner and Steven Melendez used a specific set of requirements to pick the final 12. Each of the books had to be non-fictional and feature a “narrative arc matching the chronological and geographical arc of the trip it chronicles.”

Even if you aren’t a huge literature geek, the map is a great tool to help you come up with travel plans of your own. You can follow Cheryl Strayed’s trek up the Pacific Crest Trail or relive Robert Pirsig’s (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance) famous motorcycle ride. Even if you can’t hop in the car and hit the road yourself, the map is an incredibly fun way to explore great works of literature and the U.S. from your computer.

Check Atlas Obscura’s “Guide to Literary Road Trips” here!

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This Interactive Map Shows American Literature’s Greatest Road Trips