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Suspend Swings Easily With the Instant Tree Branch

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There's something magical about a tree swing, it's nostalgic to generations of people and is a fun and easy way to transform a tree into a playset. If you're looking for some new ways to make your backyard more fun using some of the sturdy trees you've got planted, this instant tree branch is an easy DIY way to add a swing set or tree swing to your yard.

All you need to create a kid's swing in your backyard is this instant tree branch and some heavy-duty tree trunks. This stainless steel frame attaches to the tree trunk using secure ratchet straps that are simple to set up, you'll have no problem creating a backyard rope swing in an afternoon!

The Instant Tree Branch

This steel arm attaches to a tree for suspending swings. Its ratchet straps secure around a 12-24" diameter tree trunk and, together with the steel frame, support a maximum weight of 500 lbs. The faux "tree branch" also comes with a swiveling attachment that allows swings to spin and sway in any direction. The sturdy A-frame design and secure carabiners that are used make this a super simple and high-quality item.

You can set up a baby swing for your young children and adapt it to different types of tree swings as they get older. The branch is easily removable, so you can set it up practically anywhere. Adding a saucer tree swing would be a great addition to any treehouse or backyard playset. If you have a kid who loves to climb, set up a ninja set for them to scramble around on. You can even set up two Instant Tree Branches and build a treehouse between them.

The possibilities are endless!

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The tree straps are relatively weather-resistant, so you won't need to worry about rain or other elements (though we do recommend taking it down before fall and winter to preserve the lifespan of this product). All you'll need is a healthy tree and a swing seat, and you're on your way to creating an awesome DIY jungle gym in your backyard.

Similar products (like the Slackers Build-A-Branch) are currently out of stock or sold out, making the Instant Tree Branch the easiest way to create a tree swing in your backyard for this summer!

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