Insolito Tequila

Texas Country Group Midland Launches Insólito Tequila Brand

There's a new tequila hitting the shelves in Texas! Two-time Grammy-nominated Austin-based country music group, Midland, is getting into the tequila business. Performing at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the 'Drinkin' Problem" country band is looking forward to sharing their new Insólito tequila with all of their Texas fans.

All About New Insólito Tequila

Almost every big celebrity owns their very own brand of alcohol. George Clooney owns Casamigos Tequila, Sean Combs owns Ciroc Vodka, Dan Aykroyd owns Crystal Head Vodka, and Willy Nelson owns Old Whiskey River. So it's really no surprise that the country trio (Bassist Cameron Duddy, lead guitarist Jess Carson, and lead vocalist Mark Wystrach) would produce their own tequila to be served on the rocks.

In collaboration with highland distillery Premium de Jalisco and beverage development firm SIP, the band is releasing three Insólito products, a blanco, reposado and añejo tequila, each one a blend made from highland and lowland agave. The reposado and añejo get additional flavor from new American oak barrels in which they age. Each bottle design represents colors found in the Southwest, (midnight blue for blanco, sea green for the reposado and coral for the añejo) and is lettered in gold. Just like their take on country music, Midland's tequila is loud and confident right out of the gate. The name, Insólito encompasses this as well, meaning "uncommon, rare, extraordinary" in Spanish.

Where Can I Find Midland's Insólito Tequila?

In between belting out "Mr. Lonely", "Burn Out", "Make a Little" and "Let it Roll" at one of Midland's Road to Rodeo shows, head on over to one of the drink tents and pick up a cocktail or two featuring Insólito tequila. The spirit will also be available in select Texas bars and stores.

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