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This Ingenious Trick Lets You Carve a Watermelon in Seconds

We all know that watermelon is refreshing, healthy and incredibly delicious, but there are a few downsides to this wonderful summertime snack.

The large, round fruit can be awkward to cut due to its size, and because the melon is so juicy, it can also be hard to find a way to eat the refreshing snack without getting sticky hands or a messy shirt. Thankfully, there is an easy and fast way to cut and serve watermelon that both maximizes edible area and minimizes mess.

By cross-cutting halves of the oversized fruit, you end up with easy-to-grab sticks that are perfect for kids on the go or partygoers. For a demonstration of this genius method, watch the video from Handimania below.

While cutting the fruit into traditional squares also creates small, edible pieces, this method is superior because it yields sticks in a variety of sizes that can be easily picked up by the rind. This way, there is no need for silverware and hands don’t get sticky from the juice.

After using this technique, you’ll be left wondering how you ever cut watermelon any other way. When you are ready to serve, just place the fruit sticks on a platter and enjoy!

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This Ingenious Trick Lets You Carve a Watermelon in Seconds