Google Timelapse Shows 30 Years of Amazing Texas Growth

Texans certainly know how much their state is growing. We see it in cities both large and small on a daily basis. But now, with the help of Google, we can see that growth over three decades.

Google recently released "Timelapse," a feature of Google Earth. The new "view" allows users to see more than three decades of growth and development. The time-lapse uses more than 5 million images to show vast growth throughout the planet.

For instance, in this video from, users see the amazing urban sprawl of different Texas towns. Just watch as areas like The Woodlands go from quaint neighborhoods to booming suburbs.

And the Roundrock/North Austin area? Holy cow. Major highways and roads pop up in a matter of years, with massive new developments not far behind.

In all honesty, the growth is both beautiful and a bit scary. The population of Texas in the mid-1970s landed around 13 million. Today, Texas nears a whopping 27 million people.

And while there are still vast swaths of land in the state, most of the action, jobs and growth take place in the cities. Even areas like Midland and El Paso see impressive growth in a short amount of time.

Want to check out another area? Just head to Google Timelapse. But be warned: your actual time lapses pretty quickly while playing around on this thing!

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