These Incredible Cocoon Tents Let You Sleep in Midair

Now that most of the summertime heat is finally behind us, it's the perfect time to go camping. Sure, you can get a simple canvas tent, but why not go for an upgrade?

If you don't have a fear of heights, these incredible dome-shaped structures might be just for you.  Cocoon Tree is a "3 meters diameter spherical structure in aluminium covered with a resistant waterproof membrane designed to hang up on trees or placed on the ground with its adaptable feet." In simpler terms, it's a round structure that can be hung like a hammock or placed on the ground. It gives you all the protection of a normal tent, with something a little special.

The unique design allows users to enjoy a stunning view while enjoying the comfort of a private space. There are a few challenges that come when its time for construction. It will take three people around three hours to put the cocoon together. You'll also need to attached some sort of wooden or rope walkway to climb inside. So this probably isn't the best option for a quick overnight camping trip.

However, if you're looking for something stylish, fun and unique to try during a long stay outdoors, give the Cocoon Tree a try.

These Rugged Tents are Made for the Elements:

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These Incredible Cocoon Tents Let You Sleep in Midair