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This Incredible Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Will Make Your Mouth Water

Many people think of chicken pot pie as an American classic, but this delicious comfort food has been served since at least the Roman times. The Smithsonian notes that the Romans might have even baked whole, live birds under the crust (shudder). It also reemerged as a popular treat in 16th-century England in the form of an Elizabethan pasty.

Despite its lengthy history, the flaky, buttery crust and decadent filling of the American chicken pot pie is probably better than any of those preserved concoctions of past centuries. A creamy gravy stock mixed with peas, carrots, onion, and chicken topped off with pastry crust. What could be better?

It also happens to be one of the simplest comfort foods to make. Laura Vitale makes a gorgeous no-nonsense version that you’ll probably want to recreate within the next 24 hours.

She makes these pot pies even easier by simply placing store-bought puff pastry onto the top of each casserole dish. Anyone who wants to make their own puff pastry, lets just say you’ll have a long process on your hands. You’ll have to wait even longer before you can dig in!

She also utilizes simple frozen veggies and some affordable dark chicken meat to keep it cost-efficient and flavorful. A little dash of cream never hurt, either.

You can also bake up a double batch of this recipe and freeze an extra for winter nights when you get a particular craving for comforting food.

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This Incredible Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Will Make Your Mouth Water