In Case You Didn't Know
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See Brett Young's Sentimental New Video for 'In Case You Didn't Know'

Brett Young just released his sentimental new music video for "In Case You Didn't Know." The tune marks Young's second single released to radio from his debut self-titled EP.

The former baseball pitcher turned songwriter has a knack for heart-melting love tunes. "In Case You Didn't Know" plays to his strengths perfectly, even if does employ a cliche drum track backbeat.

In the video, Young is on the move for a special performance at Chattanooga's famous Tivoli Theater. But instead of a massive crowd, Young instead plays for a very special audience of one.

It's a sweet sentiment and one perhaps ripped right out of any girl's romantic playbook. And in the song Young finally finds the times to confess his love, something he admits should happen more often.

Young enters the mainstream country game after years of working and writing. The 35-year-old singer released an impressive three independent albums and two EPs since 2007. He relocated to Nashville from Los Angeles before getting a shot with Big Machine.

Young says he draws heavy influence from adult contemporary pop stars like Gavin DeGraw. It's not hard to see how Young felt a shift to country may help out his chances of cracking into the mainstream market.

There's admittedly not much traditionally "country" about him, but that parameter went out the window long ago. The good news, though, is he does posses a certain sincerity. He's clearly a romantic, which is a nice change of pace from the horny dude cliche. And his voice is unmistakable, even at an early level of exposure.

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For some, the unique timber might prove off-putting. But as Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean proved, unconventional vocal qualities don't limit success. Whether Young has the ability to capture that market? Well, time will tell.

His debut, Dan Huff-produced album drops Feb. 10. You can find more information about his music and upcoming tour dates at his official website.

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