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Impress Your Dinner Guests with This Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

If you want to add something special to your Christmas table setting, this charming napkin fold might be the perfect choice.

Christmas dinner is a special time for everyone. When family and friends gather around the table, most of us want to impress with some sort of festive decor. If you don't have a lot of money to spend on massive centerpieces, there's an easier way to bring some seasonal joy onto the table.

The video above shows you step-by-step how to create an adorable Christmas tree out of a single green napkin. You've probably seen impressive napkin folds at upscale restaurants that look like they take hours to perfect. Thankfully for us beginners, this simple tree fold can be done by almost anyone.

In just a couple of minutes, you can transform your simple napkin into a festive tree, complete with a bow on top. If you're feeling creative, you can switch out the bow for a peppermint or chocolate to add another tasty and fun dimension to your place setting.

If you don't get the fold right on the first try, don't be discouraged. With a little bit of practice and imagination, you'll soon turn your own dinner table into a Christmas wonderland ready for your holiday feast.

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Impress Your Dinner Guests with This Christmas Tree Napkin Fold