This Dad Has a Very Important Barbecue Opinion for Texans

Fathers play a huge role in the life of many children. They teach life lessons, and they're usually pretty good at showing you the ropes on, well, everything. Dads build things, break things, and fix things. They'll show you how to change your oil, and they'll tell you right from wrong. They even have very specific barbecue opinions.

Most importantly, though, dads can be hilarious. Today's featured funny dad is teaching his son a lesson. We don't know the whole backstory, but it seems like his son misunderstood a previous lesson on what true Armenian barbecue is.

This father, called Yervand in the description, seems to have taken offense that his son thought that sausage was barbecue. Psh, what is this? Amateur hour?

"Once you eat, you gonna eat your fingers together too," Yervand says in the video. "And then you gonna feel sorry you eat your fingers. Because there is lot more plenty of the barbecue coming." Yeah, Yervand, we've definitely been there.

What Yervand has created is called a khorovats. This Armenian take on barbecue traditionally involves chunks (or hunks, up to you) of meat on a skewer, or shampoor. Many times, a khorovats in Armenia includes chunks of bones within the hunks of meat, and that meat is usually pork. Armenians that don't live in the homeland will often grill up chicken, beef, and lamb as well.

We'll end this as Yervand ended his video: "Thank you for listening, at least."

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