Wikimedia Commons: Gene Simmons

KISS Frontman Gene Simmons Puts Ice Cubes in Cereal

Celebrities, they are just like us. They shop at the grocery store, go to the airport, and just like us, they have weird food habits. Recently, rock star Gene Simmons, KISS frontman, shared a very disturbing image on his social media; a bowl of cereal topped with ice cubes. The caption was simple and asked an innocent question, "Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?" But it was enough to cause an uprise about his bowl of Oreo O's and shredded wheat. And yes, he combines his breakfast cereal.

Gene Simmons Puts Ice Cubes in Cereal

Nick Simmons, son of Gene noted his father has been doing this ice tray trick for over 30 years. But why?!

We covered the trend a few years ago while investigating other weird food hacks and we came to the conclusion that people really love cold milk. Essentially adding a few ice cubes to your cereal keeps the milk cold and refreshing. Pick a sugary cereal like Lucky Charms and it almost tastes like ice cream.

Celebrities Weird Eating Habits

Jennifer Hudson

Gene Simmons isn't the only celeb who likes cold milk in his cereal. In 2009 a Jennifer Hudson tweet shows that the singer also enjoys putting ice cubes in her cereal.

Ed Sheeran

Singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran has an unhealthy obsession with ketchup. He's got a ketchup tattoo and walks around with emergency ketchup packets. Heinz even made special bottles for him.

Chelsea Peretti

Comedian Chelsea Peretti likes to leave the best part of the cake on the plate; the frosting! The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star shares that frosting isn't her favorite.

Kourtney Kardashian

If you've ever wanted to spend five minutes eating a Kit Kat bar, this weird food habit is for you. Kourtney Kardashian likes to eat all the chocolate off of the bar before diving into the crispy wafer.

I admit I tried this one out and it makes a small candy bar seem like a meal. But it's still really strange. Would you try it?

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