Where To Find The Best Ice Cream Sundaes In The South

A drive to the local ice cream parlor usually involves brainstorming in the car over what to order. Some will order their same exact favorite ice cream every time and some will get adventurous with a new ice cream dessert. Whether you choose your standard cookie dough ice cream sundae or walk away with an ice cream sandwich, we all deserve the best ice cream we can find. Take a look at these favorite sundae recipes from America's Southern states.

1. Virginia- The Dairy Godmother

The Dairy Godmother serves genuine "Wisconsin style" frozen custard but they do it in Alexandria Virginia. Genuine frozen custard has at least 1.4% egg yolk (pasteurized) and at least 10% milk fat, and is made in a special machine created for producing frozen custard only. Check their daily changing schedule for their featured sundae. Don't miss The "Toll House Cookie Sundae" made with Butterscotch Custard with Oatmeal Crisp, Chocolate Chips, & Walnuts.

2. Tennessee -Legendairy Milkshake Bar

Legendairy Milkshake Bar in Nashville makes milkshakes that drink more like an ice cream sundae. Order the "Sippin' Pretty in Music City." This dessert recipe is made with Rocky Road and Sea Salt Caramel ice cream, marshmallow cream rim, crushed peanuts and mini marshmallows, whipped cream, caramel and marshmallow sauce, a giant marshmallow and a GooGoo cluster on top.

3. Arkansas -The Purple Cow

The Purple Cow Restaurant has a few locations in Arkansas. Visit the Hot Springs location and order The Big Classic Banana Split Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream topped with hot fudge, pineapple & strawberry sauces, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, nuts and a cherry.

4. Louisiana -The Creole Creamery

The Creole Creamery in New Orleans presents The "Creole Strawberry Sundae' is made with fresh strawberries served over an ice cream scoop of their famous Creole Cream Cheese ice cream topped with whipped cream, a cherry, and a wafer. Taste some of their other unque flavors like Lavender Honey or Chocolate Amaretto Cheescake.

5. North Carolina -The Calabash Creamery


The Calabash Creamery in Calabash North Carolina uses 16% butterfat premium ice cream. Try their Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae made with warm brownie, one scoop of your choice, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry. Their gourmet flavors change monthly to fit the theme. For November, get there to try Cinnamon Bun and Sweet Potato Souffle. Yummy.

6. South Carolina- The Frozen Moo

The Frozen Moo in Hilton Head has more than 90 flavors to choose from! From Garbage Can to Superman ice cream, They want you to get creative with your sundae dreams. Choose your ice cream flavors and add topping like Oreo cookie crumbs, fudge sauce, crushed graham crackers, and pretzels. The possibilities really are endless.

7. Mississippi - The Velvet Cream


The Velvet Cream aka The Dip in Hernando, Mississippi want you to get creative with your sundae concoction. The give you some delicious foundations like their Banana Pudding ice cream with bananas and vanilla wafer pieces or their Monkey Bread flavor made with cinnamon and monkey bread pieces. Add some exotic Southern crunch with pistachios or pecans.

8. Alabama- Cammie's Old Dutch Ice Cream in Mobile Alabama

Mr. Edwin Widemire opened Widemire's Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe in 1969 using his father's ice cream recipes for his homemade treats. Cammie Wayne purchased Widemire's Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe in 1998. Working at Old Dutch was Cammie's first job when she was just sixteen.

Fun Fact: In 2011, Cammie and her husband Larry began making all of the ice cream on site, becoming the only ice cream manufacturer in Mobile, AL.

With 47 different flavors to try, start with an Amsterdam Royale with fresh banana wheels, vanilla ice cream, crunchy pralines, and choose your topping like crushed cherries. pineapple, hot butterscotch, or classic hot fudge.

9. Georgia -The Frosty Caboose

The Frosty Caboose has train themed sundaes to go along with the train spotting fame of this Atlanta neighborhood. Get some energy with the Fast Tracks Sundae. You'll get 2 Scoops Coffee ice cream, Heathbar pieces, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and of course a maraschino cherry garnish.

10. Florida - Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream

Florida Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream in Miami has over 28 different locally made flavors. When you visit, order the the Peanut Butter Deluxe, served in a bowl and filled with peanut butter ice cream, pourable peanut butter and finished with hot fudge, whipped cream and peanuts and a peanut butter cup garnish.

11. Texas - The Cloud 10 Creamery

The Cloud 10 Creamery in Houston takes it one step further, just like its name. Unique ice cream flavors PB&J and Earl Grey with Lemon, this is foodie ice cream heaven.

Try a banana split with three scoops of Maple Butter, Nutella and Marshmallows, and Cafe Sua Da (Vietnamese coffee flavor)