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'The Voice': Season 17 Winner Jake Hoot Reunites With Coach Kelly Clarkson With New Duet

Is there anything more heartwarming and inspiring than seeing a winner of NBC's The Voice come back to perform on the iconic stage? For 20 seasons, hopeful singers from all over the country come to audition for the competition series but only one person will be named The Voice champion. Season 17's winner Jake Hoot reunited with his former Coach Kelly Clarkson for a moving new duet on Tuesday, May 18. For the second time, the duo performed Hoot's new song "I Would've Loved You" which they previously debuted on a March episode of Clarkson's talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

The live performance really showed that the country singer is just as talented as some of the great names in Nashville. And of course, we love when Kelly gets country...the native Texan really loves country music so it's no surprise that she continues to get future country stars on Team Kelly (sorry Blake Shelton!).

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"It's so surreal that I get to not only sing on that stage again, I also get to sing with my coach, Kelly Clarkson, and we get to perform a song that I helped write," Hoot said before his performance on the show.

"I've got all the jitters and nerves from when I was there last, and I'm not even a contestant anymore! So pumped to be back, and I can't thank The Voice and Kelly enough for giving me this opportunity!"

Hoot previously told Mayhem Magazine that he knew that Kelly Clarkson would be the perfect collaborator on his new project. They even filmed a music video together in Los Angeles which we can't wait to see.

"'I Would've Loved You' is a song about how the choices we make and the consequences that follow," Hoot explained.

"It is a story about someone who has so much love to give, but due to the other person's decisions, that love turns into a hate that lasts forever. I am so honored to have written this song with Jamie Floyd and Dean Sams, who are both incredible writers. I am beyond thankful to Kelly Clarkson for believing in me and recording this song with me! Can't wait for y'all to hear it!"

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