I Will Always Love You
Screengrab via YouTube

12-Year-Old Blows Away Philippines TV Show with Incredible Dolly Parton Cover

Dolly Parton's classic hit has been covered by seemingly everyone, from fellow country stars to the regulars a your hometown karaoke spot. But one 12-year-old girl is going viral for her mind-boggling rendition of the tune for a Philippines reality competition.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids is a show that features young singers going head to head, giving their best impressions of their favorite music artists. It's important to remember just how difficult of a song "I Will Always Love You" is to sing. Whitney Houston was celebrated for her soaring version that hit the top of the charts in the 90s. But 12-year-old Elha Nympha didn't seem intimated by the vocally-challenging tune.

Watch her mesmerizing performance below.

Sure, little Elha might not have as much of a country twang as our beloved Dolly, but you can't argue that she has a great voice. When you consider her young age, it's safe to say she has a lot of promise as a budding vocalist.

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Want to see more from this talented kid? Watch for more covers at the Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids' YouTube channel.

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