I Tried the COSORI Pressure Cooker and Here are My Thoughts

Cooking with a pressure cooker isn't anything new and honestly, I feel a little bit behind on the times for not personally trying out one of these miraculous machines sooner. Pressure cooking has been in use since the 1600's when French physicist Denis Papin, invented the Steam Digester, as a way to use steam pressure to cook food faster.

From there, home cooks could use stovetop pressure cookers to cook food fast and easily. Then in the early 1990's electric pressure cookers were introduced to the home market, competing side-by-side with slow cookers. Today, pressure cookers and multi-cookers are the hottest countertop appliance with more and more companies flooding the market. The Pioneer Woman even has her own line of Instant Pots and Crockpot has even stepped up to the game.

So when COSORI reached out asking if I wanted to try out their newly upgraded 6 Quart 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker, I couldn't help but contain my excitement. And like all reviews on this site, while the product was provided to Wide Open Eats at no cost, all opinions are solely my own. Now let's get into it!

For starters, this countertop appliance is no joke. Weighing in at almost 9 pounds, this heavy-duty machine can accommodate 6 quarts of volume. That's 12 servings of chili, making this pressure cooker a lifesaver when the holidays come around. The stainless steel pressure cooker comes with a tempered glass lid for slow cooking or presenting, a measuring cup, an extra silicon ring, rice spoon, ladle and steamer rack. The box also includes a recipe book and a pressure cooking guide which includes suggested cooking times for every kind of food imaginable.

With three adjustable temperatures, 6 pressure levels, and 17 smart cooking programs, this COSORI pressure cooker replaces all your older appliances including your slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, pressure cooker and even features a saute/brown function. If I was back at the college dorm I would be picking up one of these in a heartbeat.

I decided that the best way to test out the appliance was to cook a traditional pressure cooking meal (something like a chili or stew) and try out something a bit unusual. I decided on a roast pork with potatoes I found on Slow Cooker Gourmet. I really regret not taking photos but here's the picture from the site:

Side note: when recipes say to cook the food for a certain amount of time say in the instance of this recipe, pressure cook the pork for 8 minutes. I did not realize that it can take an additional 20-40 minutes for the pressure to alleviate and for the food to finish cooking so keep that in mind.

For the second test, I decided to try out how well the COSORI pressure cooker could handle hard boiling eggs. According to the instruction manual, the eggs have a 7 minute cook time using the "steam vegetables" setting. I added a cup of water into the bottom, added the steamer basket along with the eggs and pressed the button. 7 minutes later I flipped the quick release valve of the pressure and placed the eggs into a cold water bath and waited for them to chill.

Egg Salad

Lyndsay Burginger

I've never seen more perfect hardboiled eggs.

Easy to peel, cooked whites and cooked creamy yolks converted me to use the pressure cooker from now on when hard boiling my eggs. You can check out the recipe here.

Overall Thoughts

After spending some time with the COSORI pressure cooker I can confidently say that pressure cooking is here to stay and this 6-quart model is a great product at an affordable price. Their customer service is top-notch and with all of the information and recipes they share, making a different meal every day with the pressure cooker is an easy feat.

Buy it on Amazon (and get it shipped in two days with Amazon Prime) or buy it on the COSORI website using the code: GLAWYJYS for an exclusive discount until October 31.