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I Tried Dunkin’s New Thin Mint Flavors. Here's What I Think.

When I heard that Dunkin' Donuts had released limited edition drinks and donuts to celebrate Girl Scout cookie season I was over-the-moon excited. As a former Brownie and Junior Girl Scout, cookie season meant one thing: Thin Mints were back in their rightful place in the pantry and the freezer. Ask me my favorite Girl Scout Cookie today or fourteen years ago (has it really been fourteen years? Yikes) and the answer is always Thin Mints. The powerful combination of cool mint and chocolate is great any time of day.

So of course I had to make my way over to my local Dunkin' Donuts and try out their new flavors of iced coffees and donuts. Not only did the donut chain create new menu items inspired by Thin Mint cookies, they are also offering new items based on Coconut Caramel cookies and the Peanut Butter cookie. Each cookie-flavored coffee can either be ordered as a frozen coffee, a frozen chocolate (which is coffee-free), iced, and even added to warm coffee. Whether you like the taste of creamy caramel or the iconic taste of peanut butter, this Girl Scout cookie-flavored coffee is sure to be the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

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On the donut side, Dunkin' has decided to only release a Thin Mint donut. The mint brownie donut is filled with mint brownie batter creme and topped with a green glaze and brownie crumbles. Why they didn't use Thin Mints as the crumble beats me. Makes a lot more sense than sprinkling a bit of brownie on there but I digress.

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Since I couldn't try all three new coffee flavors at the same time (I like coffee but I don't think I could ever handle three cups of it) I decided to stick to Thin Mints. The menu in the drive-thru stated that they now had "Thin Mint Frozen Chocolate" but that's not the same thing as a frozen coffee.

Instead of getting a caffeine fix, you'll be guzzling down gobs of decadent chocolate syrup. Not that it's a bad thing, it's not what I personally care for. Make sure your order is right by stating you want an iced coffee with the Thin Mint Flavor Swirl.

Time to Try the Thin Mint Coffee

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Expecting the minty flavor of a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, I was soon disappointed in the lack of mint in the coffee. The chocolate was a bit over powering and the mint was practically non-existent.

Then I went to twitter and people were loving it. Did I get the worst of the bunch?

I have more questions than answers regarding what I drank. Have you tried the new Thin Mint coffee? Should I try it again? Moving along there was also the Thin Mints Donut to try and let me tell you, this marriage of cookies and donuts is a natural fit. Though sweet, the mint in the brownie batter slices through the sweetness making this donut fun to eat.

Although it wasn't as minty as I had hoped (no you can't eat this and pretend you just brushed your teeth) it's still delicious. Just switch out the brownie crumbs for actual thin mint cookies and this donut would be a life changer.

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